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О нас

TOMOI, originated in Japan, where the automobile industry is highly developed, is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. In April 2008,  Guangzhou Tomoi Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in Guangzhou, China.

Adhering to the century-old manufacturing philosophy, TOMOI is wholeheartedly committed to the R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of the parts and accessories of passenger vehicles. We are an OEM manufacturer serving the world's top 500 enterprises, which boasts modernized standard plants, the worlds advanced production and testing equipment, and a number of intellectual property patents of practical technologies and design, as well as multiple auto engine plants. TOMOI has passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification in 2010,  IATF 16949 (Automotive Quality Management System) Certification in 2014, National High-tech Enterprise Certification in 2019 and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification in 2021, and been rated as Guangzhou Joint Institute of Universities and Enterprises in 2018 and the Provincial Specialized, Refined and Innovative Enterprise in 2023.

TOMOI is determined to establish a high-end brand of wearing parts of passenger vehicles. So far, we have launched eight series of parts and components, covering thousands of product models, such as the inner and outer tie rod, stabilizer bar, upper and lower suspension ball joint and control arm. In 2023, we launched a series of products like the brake shoe, spark plug, engine oil, antifreeze and battery, covering Japanese, Korean, American, European and Chinese products.

TOMOI is committed to be a highly competitive manufacturer of wearing parts of passenger vehicles that is capable of continuously providing customers with value-added services. We sincerely look forward to establishing long-term and stable partnership with you and joining hands with you for common development. We strive to contribute to the development of global automobile industry.